5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

Hi, and here is my list of the 5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing. 

If you want to be successful on the Internet as an affiliate marketer, then you should have a thing for Email marketing.  You might have heard people say that “the money is in the list”.

The point is, this is totally true.

Email Marketing is one of the components of web marketing that you need to master, regardless of your business model.

And it starts with choosing the right email autoresponder to manage your newsletters and emailing campaigns.

best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing in 2020

The autoresponder helps you manage your massive sending of emails, the sending of specific emails, and the automatic response of messages taking into account certain predefined criteria.

The autoresponder you choose is the tool that will help you the most in relation to your prospects and customers. These will move from the prospect level to the customer level because they will have to buy the products or services that you offer.

However, choosing an autoresponder for your affiliate marketing business could be confusing as there are tons of email autoresponders tools out there. This is why I have come up with the top 5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing.

GetResponse tops my list, followed by Aweber, MailChimp, Convertkit, and ActiveCampaign.

Now, take a sip and read through to know which email autoresponder you should choose. 


GetResponse is a reliable designed tool that can be picked up quickly by a beginner as well as a professional.

Getresponse is one of the most complete autoresponders on the market in terms of functionality. It is primarily aimed at small businesses that want to improve their e-mailing campaigns.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

GetResponse Features

The software includes many tools for performing different tasks such as:

1, Responsive and personalized email editing

First, with GetResponse, everything is responsive.

It allows you to take charge of designing and sending your personalized emails with information from your contact list .

By editing your work, you can see the mobile preview of what your email could look like on a smartphone.

On top of that, you have the preview in the boxes of available email providers like Gmail. GetResponse is perfect for ensuring that your email is received and optimized.

2, Advanced segmentation of contact lists

With Getresponse, database segmentation is very easy. This allows you to send specific messages to certain people on whom you pay attention.

Certain criteria allow you to segment your database, such as the date the person registered, the means that the person to use to know you (for example social networks), the data provided by prospects when they registered (gender or age), IP address, the eagerness of prospects to open emails, click on links, etc.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

3, Customizing the reception time for each subscriber

Despite the perfect personalization of emails and segmentation of the address book, GetResponse does not stop there.

You can specify the exact time when you want your contacts to receive your message, taking into account when they are likely to be reached.

All this is possible with the “perfect timing” function which takes care of everything!

You will be able to observe the results in the statistical tools of GetResponse which are very powerful in every way.

4, Powerful monitoring and statistics tools

As in the aforementioned point above, GetResponse tools are at the cutting edge of technology.

The dashboard is very easy to use and shows the power of the tool. You can directly follow the sending campaigns and your subscribers in the dedicated tabs.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

5, A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a feature of GetResponse that allows you to send two (or more) version of the same email to two (or more) samples by modifying certain elements such as: the subject of the email, the sender of the email , design and content.

This allows you to know in a few clicks which version is the most effective and the autoresponder has understood this.

6, Automatic list cleanup

When a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe, the requests received are quickly processed by the services so as not to have problems with partner email providers.

7, Creation of email capture forms

For email capture, GetResponse offers 7 categories from which you can choose:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Register for an event
  • Register for a free course
  • Product order
  • Free download
  • Seasonal forms
  • Comments

With the built-in 500 free templates, you can create your capture forms from scratch. After creating your email capture form, you have access to a page to manage the acknowledgments. 

8, Possibility to conduct online surveys

It is also possible for GetResponse to use its tools to put surveys online to send directly to its subscribers. 

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

9, Ease of use

GetResponse offers intuitive tools that make it easy to create responsive emails and newsletters. There are, however, much more accessible autoresponders. You will probably need a little time to get used to the interface, although the latter is still quite simple to use.

These features will make me recommend Getresponse as one the 5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

GetResponse Pricing

They have four different offers: Email, Pro, Max and Enterprise. Prices depend on the number of contacts. Each package includes autoresponders, landing pages, automated marketing feeds, and unlimited email sending .

You are eligible for a free trial for Email, Pro, and Max plans. In addition, attractive discounts are applied for those who commit to a long-term subscription.

GetResponse has several other advantages among which we have:

  • Access to more than 500 free email templates that can be personalized and 1000 images
  • A 99% deliverability rate thanks to its good collaboration with partner messaging providers
  • The possibility of multi-user management
  • Support for 21 languages, 
  • Support 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.



Aweber is a widely used autoresponder that is particularly appreciated by web marketing professionals. However, an important nuance remains to be made.

It is more appreciated in the English-speaking market than in other languages market. This state of affairs is due to the fact that it does not support accents and is not translated.

It has been one of the most popular email marketing software on the market for years. AWeber provides for you everything you need to make your email marketing campaign successful.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

Aweber Features

On the market for fifteen years, Aweber is an American autoresponder that is very well known among online sellers (e-commerce, infopreneurs) and which presents multiple functionalities.

It is highly suitable for use in English, but if you forget to use all accents, you will be satisfied with the benefits it has to offer.

Aweber is used in several reputable companies and is a benchmark among autoresponders, alongside Getresponse and Mailchimp.

Here are the main features offered:

  • Import/hosting of a complete database.
  • A wide range of templates for emails.
  • Efficient and responsive autoresponders.
  • Several marketing automation features.
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting of campaign performance.
  • Efficient segmentation of the email list.

1, Ease of use

It is certainly not the most difficult tool to use on the market, but its interface could be nicer. It seems to greatly exceed its competitors at this level, such as Convertkit for example, but on the other hand offers more sophisticated features that you have to know how to tame.

2, Aweber and Email deliverability

In 20 years of good and loyal service, Aweber has kept a very good reputation for its email deliverability rate. Deliverability consists of delivering emails directly to the inbox, to as many people as possible, while avoiding the Spam box.

An auto-responder that does not provide this level is a very bad emailing tool, because it is the most important criterion: deliver your emails to the right place, at the right time, so that they are read by the more people possible.

A team dedicated to deliverability at Aweber monitors the emails sent in real-time, in order to detect whether there is any abuse or non-compliance with the terms of use. This allows the team to quickly stop any suspicious activity, block a problem account, avoid having a blacklisted mail server and thus ensure an excellent deliverability rate for all.

Aweber pricing and plans

The $ 19 / month basic plan offers access to all of Aweber’s features, as well as a base of up to 500 subscribers, which is perfect for starting your emailing business with confidence.

Here are the Aweber prices by level:

  • 0-500: $ 19
  • 501–2,500: $ 29
  • 2,501–5,000: $ 49
  • 5,001–10,000: $ 69
  • 10,001–25,000: $ 149
  • 25,001+: personalized quote

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing


In my opinion, MailChimp is one of the best tools for developing and sending newsletters, it’s also an excellent autoresponder but a NO-NO for affiliate marketing

It is very ergonomic and allows you to create all kinds of emails thanks to its ultra elaborate editor and its many customizable templates.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

Mailchimp Features

1, Ease Of Use

MailChimp is so simple that it can be learned very quickly. It is not for nothing that it is the most used web marketing tool in the world and that it is compatible with almost all plugins or CRMs on the market. Finally, you can easily create your lists and different scenarios then plan the sending. The analysis tool is also very complete to optimize your campaigns.

Mailchimp Pricing and Plans

Good news, Mailchimp is free! However, don’t get excited, there are still limits with a maximum of 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month. For a small company that may be more than enough. Obviously, you won’t have access to all the features and they are even quite limited.

You should know that it is mandatory to start with the free version (unless you have very large needs). The free version allows MailChimp to check the validity and quality of your contact lists. If the lists are not suitable then you can be fired from Mailchimp. It is a way for them to maintain their good reputation with Gmail, Outlook and others, and to keep an above-average delivery rate.

mailchimp pricing 2020

There are then two formulas: A monthly subscription with a price that adapts to our needs in terms of emails / per month. Or a credit purchase which is pretty good for those who only do a few email campaigns during the year. Overall, the prices are quite correct for the quality of service offered.

Mailchimp is known for practicing exorbitant rates. However, when you think about it, you realize that the proposed rates meet all budgets. Indeed, the platform offers three pricing levels, namely:

➜   The “entrepreneur” rate

This pricing is budgeted for professionals who have less than 2000 subscribers. If you are one, you can send up to 12,000 emails to your contacts for free.

➜   The “growing business” tariff

It is a paid formula and the rates are subject to change monthly. You can also choose the option purchase credits if you do not send emails regularly. This is the formula that suits you, if you have between 2,000 and 50,000 subscribers.

➜   The “High volume sender” tariff

As the name suggests, this pricing formula is specially reserved for companies that send a large volume of emails monthly. The offer is intended for you if you have more than 50,000 subscribers.

Offering a very efficient email service, MailChimp is today very recognized on the market and allows many users to benefit from a good tool to improve their marketing and their activity.

Its free offer allows smaller businesses to have an effective tool that is best suited to their needs.

However, for larger companies and more developed needs, additional costs are expected. Another disadvantage of the software is that it is only available in English. 



ConvertKit is a cloud-based marketing automation solution, which is particularly aimed at YouTubers, Podcasters, Bloggers, or other web entrepreneurs who create and share content online.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

Convertkit Features

The main features of ConvertKit include:

  • The automatic sending personalized emails to your potential and existing customers.
  • Segmentation of subscribers to your email list with targeted registration forms.
  • WordPress integration with the creation of specific forms for each publication.
  • The creation of Landing pages with CSS and custom domain names to perform product launches

1, Ease of use

Convertkit has the advantage of being extremely simple to use. This is also one of its main strengths compared to its competitors.

Everything is designed in such a way as to waste as little time as possible for maximum results. Its operation is very intuitive and can be easily used by anyone.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing

Convertkit Pricing And Plan

Here, the more subscribers you have to your email list, the more the price increases. You can start building your audience with:

  • Unlimited landing pages & forms
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Manage 1,000 subscribers
  • For free of charge.

However, for 1000-5000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $79/month with the following features: 

  • Unlimited landing pages & forms
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Manage 5,000 subscribers
  • Automated funnels & email sequences
  • Premium support
  • Integrations
  • According to them,  you will get a free migration to help you switch from your current tool. Also, you can access this plan first with a 14 days trial.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing - convertkit

Pros of Convertkit

  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface .
  • Allows you to create simple and effective email sequences.
  • Possibility of creating Landing pages. (Although very rudimentary)
  • Analysis reports are useful for acquiring subscribers.



This Chicago-based email marketing and automation tool helps their 90,000 customers send fewer emails while achieving better results. Boasting a host of features and integrations, along with fast, user-friendly support, it is a powerful overall marketing tool.

One of their most important features is automation. Not only does it support automatic replies, based on a myriad of conditions, but it also enables automation of your contacts and list management, as well as automations within its CRM system (known as ” Deals ”).

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing - active campaign

This “Deals” system also deserves to be noted and allows you to add notes to contacts, set appointments or simply send them messages directly. On top of that, they have the function of customer messages by using it, you can send targeted messages directly to your website visitors, thereby optimizing the overall customer experience.

ActiveCampaign helps you make meaningful connections with your customers. It’s much more than just email campaign management software.

ActiveCampaign is a Marketing Automation software but also a Sales CRM. Let’s take a closer look at the offers and prices as well as the different functionalities of ActiveCampaign, without forgetting our final opinion:

ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plan

Let’s discover together the different tariff plans offered by ActiveCampaign. Note that the price of all of these packages is based on an annual billing and on a basis of 500 contacts.

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Affiliate marketing - active campaign


The Lite package, at $ 9 per month, allows you an unlimited number of emails sent (email marketing, newsletter) but also the creation of registration forms, access to marketing automation as well as support by chat and email . Up to 3 users.

The Plus plan, at $ 49 per month, also gives you access to lead & contact scoring, integrations, personalization of your Facebook audience or even SMS Marketing. Up to 25 users.

The Professional plan, at $ 129 per month, gives you additional access to sending and predictive content, full reporting, automation testing or even 3 training sessions per month. Up to 50 users.

The Enterprise package, at $ 229 per month, gives you additional access to personalized reporting, a dedicated representative for your account, the design service for your emails or even full telephone support. Unlimited number of users.

As we said, these rates are based on 500 contacts. For 10,000 contacts, for example, the respective rates are $ 111, 199, 279 and 399. Our opinion is that ActiveCampaign is not that expensive compared to the number of features it offers.

Other benefits

  • Advanced automation functions
  • Extensive A / B Testing tools
  • Very good deliverability
  • Efficient email template generator
  • There are many integrations
  • Excellent tracking and reporting functionality
  • Responsive support (including live chat)
  • Reasonable price considering its capabilities.


To get your desired results for email marketing,

1, Work well on your subjects

Visit the sites that have a lot of popularity and be inspired by them to write your emails to encourage your contacts to read them. When your emails are well written, it increases the open rate of your emails by 200%.

2, Regularly update your email database

Update your contact list on a regular basis. Delete contacts who never open the emails you send them and fake addresses.

3, Be simple

In the design of your emails, prioritize a simple style. Your emails must be short, clear, precise and concise. Don’t beat around the bush, just go straight to the point.

4, Include buttons in your emails

Include Call To Actions (CTA) in your emails to make you want to be clicked. They are effective at the start and end of the email. However, avoid overdoing it. 

5, Insert the “social networks” buttons

There is a large audience on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To promote the visibility of products and services insert social network buttons so that your contacts can relay.

6, Think about A / B testing

A simple way to grow the metrics of your emailing campaigns is through split testing. Spend some time on this feature to better discover what it offers.


Are you just starting out as an affiliate marketer? Or you are a pro affiliate marketer? I recommend GetResponse as they’ve got all your needs covered. This is not to belittle the efficiency of the remaining four. However, GetResponse stands best.

Do you have any question? Do let me know in the comment box. 

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