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Hi, welcome to my guide on the best Bluehost hosting plan to choose from in 2021 and beyond. 

I have observed that the major problem people have when hosting their websites on Bluehost is the confusion as to what plan is best for them. Hence, I have decided to break the hosting plans into tiny bits such that you will understand in no long time and know the best plan you need for your business. 

In this guide, you will be learning;

Bluehost Hosting Plan; OVERVIEW

Bluehost is a popularly known website hosting provider. Bluehost feed more than two million sites worldwide and is the number one web hosting provider recommended by WordPress.org.

It offers six different types of hosting, with various plans and prices for each. This can easily get you confused if care is not taken which is why I have made all the research for you and broken it down to pieces you will understand with fewer complications. 

Before I walk you through the various plans and prices for each of the six types of  Bluehost hosting plans, here is a quick glance at the Bluehost pricing

bluehost hosting plan - thatincomeguru.com

Bluehost Pricing

The cheapest shared hosting plan for Bluehost starts at $3.95/month and to be renewed at $7.99/month.

This price is also the same as the WordPress optimized hosting plan, while WooCommerce hosting starts at $6.95 per month. VPS plans start with $18.99 per month, and dedicated plans are $79.99 per month.

All Bluehost plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and discounts for new customers. In fact, you can save up to 64% per month with Bluehost’s promotional prices! 




Compare the starting and renewal prices for each hosting type, from cheapest to most expensive below:

  • Shared hosting: starts at $3.95 per month, renews at $7.99 per month
  • Shared WordPress hosting: starts at $2.95 per month, renews at $7.99 per month
  • WooCommerce hosting: starts at $6.95 per month, renews at $13.99 per month
  • VPS hosting: starts at $18.99 per month, renews at $29.99 per month
  • Managed WordPress hosting: starts at $19.95 per month, renews at $29.99 per month
  • Dedicated hosting: starts at $79.99 per month, renews at $119.99 per month


Bluehost Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where various websites all share the same server and resources. This makes it an extremely affordable option, but also very limited. If one of the shared sites gets a lot of traffic, for example, and uses up too many of your shared resources, then your site could crash.

Someone explained it as thus, “It’s like living in a shared house where you each have your own room, but share the basic things like electricity and water. If one person uses more of it, the rest of you lose out!”

The main benefit of the Bluehost shared hosting is its price – it’s super cheap, making it a popular choice for those just starting out online. 

When you sign up for a Shared Hosting package, your biggest benefit is purchasing hosting at an affordable price. In addition to various features, our shared hosting platform is managed which means users don’t have to worry about server management and platform patches. When you purchase a Bluehost Shared Hosting package it also includes an SSL certificate, domain name and more!

Starting at $3.95 per month, It sounds like a great deal. CHECK IT OUT HERE


Bluehost Shared Hosting Packages

Now, let’s dive into what you can expect in each of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans. There are four plans: Basic (or their start-up plan), Plus, Choice Plus, and Business Pro.

If you are just starting out, I recommend you start with the basic plan, as it is the cheapest and easiest to get started. You can always update later if you want more power and functionality.

If you only intend to manage a small business website or a personal website, you really shouldn’t need the more expensive package.

bluehost hosting plan


Start With Bluehost Shared Hosting


Bluehost Basic Plan

Right now, the basic plan is $3.95/month. It is also a powerful ally for the ideal for beginners. You will have a domain for your website. This option is popular, especially for bloggers.

This plan includes up to 50 GB of storage, 100 MB of email space, five email accounts, 25 subdomains, and a basic site backup.

Their renewal rate is then $ 7.99 per month for a duration of 24 months (instead of the initial duration of 36 months).

bluehost hosting plan - thatincomeguru.com


Get Started With The BASIC Plan

Bluehost Plus Plan 

The Bluehost Plus Plan is their most popular plan at $5.95 per month.

This plan includes

Unlimited websites,

Unlimited SSD storage,

Email accounts,

Email space,

Additional domains, and subdomains.

Keep in mind their unlimited terms, however. You also get $24/year in extra and Spam Experts on a domain.

There are marketing offers of up to $200. Their renewal rate is $10.99 per month thereafter.

bluehost hosting plan - thatincomeguru.com

Checkout Bluehost Plus Plan

Bluehost Choice Plus Plan

This plan has more use of resources. It is also a powerful ally at the price of $6.95/ month. This plan is not as popular with customers as there are better accommodation deals.

You will get the same features as those of the Plus plan (see above), as well as an additional fee of $80/year, domain name confidentiality and Site Backup Pro. Their renewal price is $ 14.99 per month.

bluehost hosting plan - thatincomeguru.com

Try The Most Recommended


Bluehost Professional Plan (BUSINESS PRO)

The Business Pro plan costs $13.95 and gives you everything that the Choice Plus plan offers However, with this plan, you also have a dedicated IP included, up to 300,000 inodes and spam experts for two domains .

There is also an SSL certificate, a free subscription to their Site Backup Pro service and other service benefits. Their renewal price is $23.99 per month.

bluehost hosting plan - thatincomeguru.com

Of these four plans, most people find the basic plan best for them. Most people do not intend to host multiple websites, so your needs should be met with this plan.

If you find yourself growing (or planning to host multiple websites), the Choice Plus or Pro plan would be your best bet.


Bluehost Shared Hosting Price Comparison

Basic Plan (12 months)

Normal price – $8.99 per month 
Discount price – $5.45 per month (39% off)


Basic (24 months)

Normal price – $8.49 per month 
Discount price – $4.95 per month (41% off)


Basic (36 months)

Normal price – $ 7.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 2.95 per month (50% off)


Plus (12 months)

Normal price – $ 12.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 8.95 per month (31% off)


Plus (24 months)

Normal price– $ 11.99 per month 
Discount price– $ 7.45 per month (37% off)


Plus (36 months) 

Normal price – $ 10.99 per month 
Discount price– $ 5.95 per month (45% off)

Start With Bluehost Plus Plan


Choice Plus (12 months) 

Normal price – $ 16.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 8.95 per month (47% off)


Choice Plus (24 months) 

Normal price – $ 15.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 7.45 per month (53% off)


Choice Plus (36 months) 

Normal Price– $ 14.99 per month 
Discount price -$ 5.95 per month (60% off)

Go for Choice Plus Plan


Business Pro (12 months) 

Normal price – $ 25.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 18.95 per month (27% off)


Business Pro (24 months) 

Normal price – $ 24.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 15.95 per month (36% off)


Business Pro (36 months) 

Normal price – $ 23.99 per month 
Discount price – $ 13.95 per month (41% off)


Bluehost Hosting Plan; Comparative Review

What plan should I get? This is what this section aims to help you discover …

So what are the differences between Basic, More, Choice Plus and Pro hosting packages? 


Bluehost Basic vs Plus Review

Their Basic Plan is their cheapest plan, so it has the least amount of resources and features. The main difference between the basic plan and the Plus plan is that, with the basic plan, you are allowed to host only one website, but with the Plus plan you can host unlimited sites. If you plan to manage multiple websites, you should choose the Plus plan.

Another main difference between these two plans is the amount of web space that you are allowed to store on the server.

The basic plan only comes with 50 GB of web space, while the Plus plan includes unlimited storage space. 50 GB is a lot of space and should be enough in most cases, but if you store a lot of images and videos, it can quickly add up.

Finally, the number of email accounts and the amount of email storage on the basic plan is quite limited. Maybe not as many emails as most users never use more than 5 emails, but having only 100MB of email space is quite small and you can quickly run out of space.


  • You want to host an unlimited number of websites on your hosting account
  • You want unlimited storage instead of the 50 GB provided with the basic plan
  • You need an unlimited number of email accounts with unlimited storage space
  • You want SpamExperts which is their spam protection tool

Consider the Plus Plan


Bluehost Plus vs Choice Plus Review

There are very few differences between the Plus and Choice Plus hosting packages. In fact, there are only things that distinguish these plans. It is with the Choice Plus plan that you get free domain privacy (also known as whois privacy) for your domain and Choice Plus Package also comes with SiteBackup Pro which is their website backup and restore service.

If you find yourself between these two plans, it is better to choose the Choice Plus plan.


  • You want free domain whois privacy
  • You want SiteBackup Pro which is their website backup and restore service

Consider the Choice Plus Plan.


Bluehost Choice Plus vs Pro Review

There are a few differences between Choice Plus and the Pro Hosting Plan that are worth knowing. The first and important one if you intend to run e-commerce or more resource-oriented WordPress website is that Plan Pro sites will be hosted on high-performance servers.

The high-performance servers of the Pro plan have 80% fewer accounts per server, which allows more resources to be used per account (more CPU, disk, bandwidth usage). It offers more speed, more power, with fewer users.

The Pro plan also gives you a dedicated IP address and private SSL certificate (not shared) .


  • You want high-performance servers (a fast loading website) and fewer users sharing server resources
  • You want a free dedicated IP and a private SSL certificate (not shared)
  • You want high-performance servers (a fast loading website) and fewer users sharing server resources
  • You want a free dedicated IP and a private SSL certificate (not shared)

Consider the Pro Plus Plan.


Which Bluehost Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

Their new Bluerock platform is a concentrated WordPress control panel providing an integrated experience with WordPress websites. Bluerock delivers WordPress pages 2-3 times faster than the previous technical stack.

Each site hosted on Bluehost.com will benefit from the latest security and performance features, such as:

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Caching PHP7, HTTP / 2 and NGINX
  • WordPress transit environments
  • SSD drives
  • CDN Cloudflare free
  • Free domain for the first year

You now know what plans they have to offer and you are in the best position to choose the best-shared hosting plan for your needs. Remember, you can always upgrade to a higher plan if you need more resources and functionality.

Based on my experience, here is my recommendation for you:

  • I recommend that you register with the Basic Plan if you intend to launch a single site base .
  • I recommend that you sign up with Plan More if you intend to run more than a website or a WordPress website .
  • I recommend that you register with the Choice Plus Package if you intend to launch a WordPress or other CMS site and want security and spam prevention features.
  • I recommend that you sign up with the Pro Plan if you intend to launch an e-commerce site or a WordPress website and want a dedicated IP address plus security and spam prevention features.



Bluehost Hosting Plan; Other Accomodation


Bluehost VPS Hosting

If you want a secure and better website then you should check out Bluehost VPS Hosting. Whenever you consult a hosting plan, you will need to look for the features included in the plan.

When it comes to virtual private servers, be aware that you will benefit from the flexibility and increased control over your website. Let’s review different plans provided by Bluehost and what features you can enjoy with these VPS hosting plans.

Bluehost, therefore, has four different VPS hosting packages, including a standard, enhanced and ultimate package. However, you should know that choosing the right plan actually depends on the needs and requirements that you have.

With the enhanced package, you will be able to have a speed of 2 processor cores with 60GB SAN storage and 4GB of RAM. They provide 24/7 technical support on all of their packages.

With their VPS hosting, you will be able to get an improved cPanel interface which will allow you to manage your VPS hosting in the best possible way.


>>>>Check Cloudways Hosting Full Review<<<<


Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

  • Standard: $18.99 per month, renews at $29.99 per month
  • Enhanced: $29.99 per month, renews at $59.99 per month
  • Ultimate: $59.99 per month, renews at $119.99 per month

If you have a small site but want the reliability of VPS hosting instead of shared hosting, the $18.99 per month Standard plan is best. It comes with 30GB storage and 1TB bandwidth – this amount of bandwidth is much more than you’d get on a shared plan and means you don’t need to worry about your site crashing due to traffic spikes.

Bluehost recommends the middle, Enhanced plan, for $29.99 per month – this gives you 60GB storage and 2TB bandwidth, making it perfect if you’re scaling up your website. 

For Plan Details And Lowest Price, Visit Bluehost


Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Here is one of the most sought after Bluehost web hosting plans and there is no doubt that it is one of the best hosting services from Bluehost. This is very similar to what Cloudways Hosting will offer you. 

>> Check a review on Cloudways Hosting Here

If you prefer Cloud hosting from Bluehost plans, your data will be secure even in the event of failure of several technologies.

Remember that if you are using cloud hosting, be aware that it takes no more than 3 seconds to load a web page. With cloud hosting, caching is exceptional And with global CDN, your server’s resources are concentrated in the right place.

With the Bluehost cloud hosting plans, you will be able to get the best plans for your website. They have three plans, including Starter, Performance, and Business Pro. Of course, if you are looking for cloud web hosting for your business, you should consider their Business Pro package.

However, their most popular package is the Performance Package where you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited websites, with unmeasured storage and bandwidth.


For Plan Details And Lowest Prices – Visit Bluehost


Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting

Everything is in the name. If you’re looking to set up an eCommerce store and you’re looking for the option that will provide you with everything you need, you should consider Bluehost’s WooCommerce Hosting.

If you have an online business, this is the perfect way to get started. With this hosting plan, you can also choose from three different hosting plans, including Starter, Plus, and Business Pro.

When you select Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting, you should be sure of the security. Bluehost provides all the security you need to manage your online store.

Bluehost provides a positive SSL protocol on its startup plan with 24/7 technical support. With this specific plan, you will get 100GB of Website Space with Unlimited Bandwidth.

If you have created an online business and you are looking for a Plus or Business Pro account, you can then receive unlimited parked domains and subdomains.

However, choosing the right hosting package always depends on what you are looking for. And, you should always compare your options online and perform a detailed research process.


For Plan Details And Lowest Prices – Visit Bluehost


Bluehost WordPress Standard

Who doesn’t want to have a hosting plan that will provide you with everything you need to configure later? With Bluehost’s WordPress hosting Bluehost will provide you with a well-optimized WordPress installation solution on your domain.

Managed WordPress hosting from Bluehost will simplify your task and provide you with fast, secure, and reliable web hosting.

For managed WordPress hosting, Bluehost has four different plans. You can choose from WP Standard, Improved WP, ​​WP Premium, and WP Ultimate. You can compare their table and select the one that suits your needs and requirements.

However, WP Standard is their most popular package you can select. cPanel enhanced with SiteLock CDN and SiteLock Pro security.

They have integrated powerful security tools for WordPress site security, and with each package, you will be able to receive SiteLock Security and Advanced CDN. In addition, you do not have to install WordPress and then optimize it on your site.

With this package, you just need to familiarize yourself with your website. This plan is suitable for anyone looking to build their website on WordPress.


Bluehost Hosting Plan; Frequently Asked Question

How much is Bluehost per year?

It solely depend on the kind of hosting plan you need for your website! It’s noteworthy that the prices on Bluehost’s website are monthly prices for 36-month contracts. 

Does Bluehost charge monthly or yearly?

Bluehost prices all of its plans on a monthly basis, but starting prices especially require at least a one-year commitment to get the lower price.

Can I cancel my bluehost hosting plan anytime?

Yes, but how much you’ll get back depends on how long you’ve been a customer. Most plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a good amount of time to figure out if Bluehost is best for you. If, however, you decide to cancel Bluehost after that, you’ll receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your service commitment.


Bluehost Hosting Plan; CONCLUSION

Before you decide on your plan, it’s important to count the cost of what your needs are in terms of budget, file storage, bandwidth, etc.. Work out the necessities you need before moving on to hosting your site. 

I am undoubtedly sure this guide has shown you the path you need to follow when it comes to choosing a plan for your web hosting on bluehost

Do you have any question? I will be glad to answer them in the comment box.


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