How To Build An Affiliate Sales Funnel in 6 Simple Steps [Step By Step Guide]

If you want to increase your affiliate sales to 7-figures, it is important to create a highly optimized affiliate sales funnel that will bring in a flood of sales and conversions on autopilot.

In today’s post, I will be walking you through 6 simple steps you can follow to build an effective affiliate sales funnel. Make sure to read through all the way till the end, for a comprehensive look at what a sales funnel is and how you can build one in simple steps for your affiliate marketing business, or any other online business for that matter.

Now, let’s begin by taking a look at what a sales funnel is.


What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is basically every step that someone has to go through in order to become your customer, from the “awareness stage” right to the “Buying stage”. In other words, It is simply the process of converting a visitor into a customer.

Sales funnels allow you to visualize and map out the entire process a person takes before buying from you.

The Affiliate funnel consists of 4 broad steps but may vary depending on your product/service. These steps are as follows:

  • The Awareness step
  • The attraction step
  • The decision step
  • The conversion step

These steps allow you to monitor customer behavior. The deeper they go through the funnel, signifies more interest and more commitment.

The top of your funnel represents the first step someone takes, which is usually the traffic source, through which they first come across your business. 

For example; let’s say, you post a YouTube video where you will be giving away a free workshop, from that video, you send people to an opt-in page where they put in their emails to sign up for the workshop. 

Then from there, you present them with the free workshop – providing much value to them. 

Now that you have their emails, you begin to follow up and connect with them by sending them emails packed with value and eventually selling them the product you are trying to sell. 

From the above example, you can clearly see what a sales funnel basically is in a nutshell.


What Is A Sales Funnel Used For?

Funnels are mostly used by sales and marketing businesses. sales funnel helps companies understand and visualize their sales process and calculate the broad conversion success between the stages of the funnel.

A sales funnel is usually shaped like a pyramid, similar to the funnels we’re familiar with, to which the metaphor alludes. The width of each step of the funnel signifies the audience size, with the top step of the funnel being the widest and the bottom being the smallest.

In other words, the sales funnel allows you to map out every step in your customer’s buying journey, right from acquisition to conversion.

Types Of Sales Funnels

Sales funnels vary depending on the type of business or industry. The types that we’ll be discussing today are the ones that will help you in your affiliate business.


The Auto Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is mostly used when selling a high ticket product or service. This is so, because you need to develop a strong trust with your prospects in order to convert them.

The thing with high ticket products is, people aren’t just going to handover their money to you, without you developing that trust with them. which is going to give them the peace of mind, knowing that they are not just putting their money down the drain.

To set up an Auto webinar, you’ll need the following:

  • A software to host the webinar, like
  • The content and slides of the webinar
  • The recording of the webinar
  • Then finally a call to action

It is important to at least do a live webinar once, just to kind of have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


The Lead Generation Funnel 

The main aim of this type of funnel is to generate lead. Although, generating leads is typically included in most types of funnels.

This type of funnel is usually used when trying to build a subscriber list in your respective niche, usually before a launch. So you can nurture and convert those leads much easier and have them as returning customers for life.

To set up the lead gen funnel, you’ll need the following:

  • A lead magnet (This is something of value you offer your target audience in exchange for their emails. Usually something of value related to your particular niche)
  • An opt-in page (A landing page containing an opt-in form where you are going to collect emails).
  • An email auto responder (An email tool where you set-up a series of follow-up emails)
  • Campaign or SEO (You can either set up a paid campaign targeting your target audience or use SEO to get people to your landing page)


Organic Content Funnel 

This type of funnel is where you do organic marketing. SEO and Social Media content are great ways to generate traffic for this type of funnel.

For this type of funnel, you can publish a blog post or a video where you encourage people to click your opt-in page to sign up for a lead magnet.

This is perfect for someone not looking to run paid ads but rather want to build a list organically. It is possible to grow an email list organically, without having to spend a penny.

To set up this type of funnel, you’ll need the following:

  • A Blog post or video content
  • Knowledge of SEO or Social Media Marketing
  • A lead magnet that solves your target audiences problem
  • An opt-in page to collect emails
  • An autoresponder to follow up


Stages Of A Sales Funnel

Now let’s have a look at what the stages of a sales funnel are. No matter what you’re buying or however much you’re spending, we all go through a similar process when it comes to making a decision of what to buy.


These steps are as follows:

Step 1- The Awareness Step-

The awareness step is the first step in a sales funnel. This is the step where visitors come across your business or product. 

This can be through simple search, paid ads, social media and so on.


Step 2- The Attraction step-

The attraction step is the step where your potential customers get attracted to the product or service you provide. 

In this step, you make sure to provide as much information as possible that will help your potential customers to take the next step.


Step 3- The Decision step-

The decision step is where your potential customer is ready to buy.

In this step, you make sure to provide an enticing offer that is going to give you more chance of conversion.


Step 4- The Conversion step-

This is the final and last step of the sales funnel. In this step, your potential customer after coming across you, showing an interest and taking the decision to buy converts into a customer.

After your prospects convert into customers, you now concentrate on customer retention.


The 6 Simple Steps Of Building An Affiliate Sales Funnel


Now, let’s have a look at the 6 simple steps to build an effective Affiliate sales funnel.

1- Knowing Your Target group-

This is the first step you take in building your affiliate funnel. You need to get to know your audience before you even begin to build the main steps of the sales funnel.

You need to first get information on all of the following:

  • The problems that your target audience need solutions for.
  • What their interests are
  • The social media platforms they use
  • What they dislike 

These will help you in creating a much more effective sales funnel, rather than just doing this blindly.


2, Creating Your Buyer Angles-

In this step, you can decide what your base is going to be. This can be a youtube video, a blog or a paid campaign for example.

This is the first impression potential customers will have of you. So, it is important to plan out and make sure everything looks great. 

Let’s say for example, you have an affiliate weight-loss training offer that you’re trying to sell. You can create a video on youtube offering to giveaway a free meal-plan on – this is the first step, and from here you send them to your opt-in page – which is the next step


3- Lead Generation Step –

In this step of your funnel creation, you set up a landing page with an opt-in form where leads from your traffic source will enter their emails to sign up for the freebie, in this case, with our example – the weight loss meal-plan you’re giving away. 

You can also adopt the following measures for this step:

  • Paid campaigns
  • SEO
  • Landing page
  • Guest posting
  • Social media campaigns 

So now you have their emails and they receive the freebie they signed up for. From this step we now go to the next step.


4- Nurturing Step-

This is the step where you set up series of emails in your autoresponder, where you follow up and connect with those email subscribers who took the first step after coming across your business.

This is the step where you begin to get these people to trust you. 

Providing value is very essential, and to earn their trust, you need to make sure that what you plan on offering to them is the solution to their problem.

It is important not to begin marketing to your email subscribers  right away. instead, start by providing value to them and making them trust you, gradually leading them to the offer.


5- Conversion Step-

your main goal is to build an effective converting sales funnel.

The conversion step is the final step of the process during which the visitors purchase from you and turn into paying customers. 

In this step, there are a number of factors you need to have in mind, to ensure simplifying the purchase process and making sure it does not take too long:

  • Reduce the number of form fields
  • Minimize the number of steps for finalizing a purchase
  • Sign-in and sign up with a single-click


6- Upsell And Cross Sell-

Here you offer customers who just bought the offer the opportunity to upgrade that product or service. 

If the the product or service has no upgrade, then you can look for another product related to the one that they have just purchased, something that will be of additional value and offer it to your email subscribers.

Following these 6 steps in setting up your affiliate sales funnel will allow you to meet your affiliate business sales goals. 


How Do You Create A Sales Funnel?

To create an effective sales funnel you need various tools like, page builder, email marketing software and so on. 

The software that I will be recommending is Called SYSTEME.IO- This is one of the best affordable all-in-one sales funnel software for growing your affiliate Marketing business.

WHY? – is an all-in-one sales funnel tool that consists of all the necessary features you need to set up and manage your sales funnels. Another reason why I love is the fact that you don’t need to integrate with any third-party tool as everything you need is all in one place.


Understanding the what sales funnels is and how you can set them up is important, because it’s a very important way of mapping out the customer journey from the time they come across you all the way through to when they convert. 

The sales funnel gives you a full picture through which you can observe your business and identify places where you need improve.

As soon as you understand how funnels work, they are an effective and powerful tool for growing your business.

You can set them up once and they’d be automated, all you have to do is observe and tweak as needed. you can customize and segment your funnels to meet your needs.

I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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