Expertnaire Affiliate Marketplace: How To Earn N215k Weekly As An Affiliate Nigeria 2021

Ever since I came across expertnaire back in 2019,i have been earning a shit load of money with it. So I decided to create a detailed blog post on how you can build a 7figure earning with expertanaire.

Are you ready to discover how you can start earning up to N215k weekly in affiliate commission with expertnaire in Nigeria 2021? If yes, then make sure to read all the way to the end because this post is going to be your go-to guide.

In this post, I will not only discuss the basics of how to start earning 7figures as an affiliate with expertnaire, but I’ll also give you some important tips from professional affiliate marketers who are making millions of Naira per month without spending money on PPC (More on that later).

Now before we dive in, I’ll like to begin by discussing what Affiliate marketing is, for the sake of those with no prior knowledge on what it is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you (An affiliate)  promote products or services of an individual or a company in return for a commission on sales. 

As an Affiliate marketer, you join affiliate programs, and partner with reputable companies or individual products. and then promote those products with your audience.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most easiest and simplest online business to get started with. Even though, it can get a bit technical as you advance. nonetheless, if you’re committed to learning as you advance, it really shouldn’t be that big of a hassle.

Here’s a quick look at the process of affiliate marketing:

  1. When you join an affiliate program, you are provided with a unique URL which you’ll use to promote the company’s product/service.
  2. You then go ahead and include the link in your blog posts or promotional campaign (eg Google ads, Bing ads etc.)
  3. When someone clicks your affiliate link and visits the product page, a cookie tracingto you is placed on the visitor’s device.
  4. Whenever the person completes the sale and purchase the product/service, the company/merchant traces that sale back to your affiliate Id. You also have reports available where you can see your clicks and sales.
  5. The company/merchant then pays you your commission at the end of every successful sale.

Now that you have a clear idea of what affiliate marketing is, let’s dive into our main topic of discussion.


What is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketplace?

Expertnaire is the number one platform for affiliate marketers in Nigeria to find high-paying digital products. In other words, it is Nigeria’s very own click bank as many like to call it.

They bring together affiliates and merchants. The products listed are mostly digital products, which includes- training, membership programs, courses etc. Basically, products that can be sold and delivered immediately through the Internet.

On expertnaire, there are a lot of high paying affiliate products that you can start promoting right away and make alot of money doing so, even as a complete novice.

Just as I’ve explained earlier on how affiliate marketing works, the expertnaire platform is no different, you get paid commission for recommending high-value digital products from top merchants to your prospects.

On expertnaire, there are many high paying products that you can promote with commissions as high as N20,000 per sale, N24,000 per sale and even more.


About The Creator Of Expertnaire

Expertnaire was created by Toyin Omotoso, a professional digital marketer and entrepreneur. A 7figure online business owner that is a wealth of knowledge.


How Do You Register To Become An Affiliate with Expertnaire?

The expertnaire Affiliate platform costs N10,000 only per year to become a member and begin promoting right away.

This may seem discouraging for some people who are used to international platforms that are free to join, like jvzoo, warriorplus and so on, or people that have zero fund to invest. 

However, you should be aware that you will be able to make back 10× of your initial membership payment, in as little as less a month.

Also, there’s a way you can bypass the N10,000 membership payment and get year free access to expertnaire (More on that later).

How Expertnaire Works?

In short simple words, just like I’ve discussed earlier in this post on how affiliate marketing works; Expertnaire works basically like any other affiliate marketplace, in the following steps:

  • You sign up to become a member
  • After becoming a member, you go to the product marketplace,
  • You then surf through the the different products available,
  • Find the one you want to promote,
  • Get your product affiliate link,
  • Share this link via blog posts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc or in your promotion campaigns.
  • Whenever someone make a purchase using your link, you get a percentage sent to your account.

Quick Tip: make sure you come up with a strategy for each product before you begin promoting. This will help you see results quicker.

How Do I Get Paid On Expertnaire?

The expertnaire platform pays affiliates every Friday. This means that you get paid every Fridays for all your sales from the previous week.

After you register, you go to payment settings and submit your bank details. expertnaire emails you whenever you make a sale and also whenever your funds are being transferred to your bank account.

Also, all their payments are automatic, no delays at all.

Expertnaire Payment Method For Affiliates

Expertnaire pays it’s affiliates via direct transfer to their bank accounts they provided.

Below is a video showing how much I made with expertnaire in my first week:


Marketing Methods I Use To Promote Expertnaire Products

I use various marketing methods to promote expertnaire products, and I want to share them with you because I want you, my reader to succeed aswel. So here are some methods that I use:

Content Marketing

Writing content is one of the ways I use to promote affiliate products, not just expertnaire. This is because content is the backbone of most of my marketing. 

Content marketing and SEO is a big investment. The steps are easy to follow and repeatable.

  • You just need to carry out keyword research to find what your target prospects needs information on.
  • Create amazing content with good SEO,
  • Set up your content marketing on social media and other advertisement platforms. 
  • Get organic traffic from Google to your blog.
  • You can find various products for your audience on expertnaire. You can create reviews, landing pages, video contents and so on. Include your links in your content.


Email marketing

For digital products, like those on expertnaire, email marketing is an essential sales method. 

Email Marketing occupies the later part of your marketing funnel. 

After getting emails from your website, landing page etc (you can run a paid campaign where you basically target people in the niche of whatever product you are promoting. You then offer them something for free, where they sign up with their email and in exchange you get their email for life)

However, with email marketing you need to find the right times to send email to your acquired email list. If you send too many emails, then you will get spam complaints and unsubscribes. 

Hence, you should focus on providing value to your prospects and earn their trust before you start to market products to them. This will make them likely to convert and not feel pressured by you pushing products to their face constantly.

Preferably, you should send emails twice or thrice a week. 


PPC Campaigns

I also run campaigns on platforms like Google ads, Bing ads, facebook and so on. This is basically pay per click campaigns where I pay to get certain amount of clicks to my content page or pre-sales page. And from there leading my potential customers to the sales page where they end up buying.

IMPORTANT: These are a few methods i use to promote expertnaire products. if you are interested in learning all the other methods, tips and tricks, you can refer directly to me Via WhatsApp for a 101 coaching session where I walk you through the process. CLICK HERE!


Is Expertnaire Legit?

Expertnaire is 100% a legit affiliate marketplace. And all the products are high-quality products with high commission payout. 

The expertnaire creators have a strict policy where they critically scrutinize products before they put them in their marketplace 

Click Here To Sign Up For Expertnaire and start Earning Right Away!


Top Expertnaire Products To the Promote

YouTube Profits Blueprint

This is comprehensive video course teaches how to launch, grow and monetize a profitable Youtube channel In 90 days (or Less)

Price: N30,000 – See more details

72IG Implementation Training Program

This is a step by step training program that walks you through how to sell products on any affiliate platform using the 72IG Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing method.

Price: N45,000 – See more details

28-Day Body Transformation Program

This is an amazing fitness program by Nigeria’s top fitness coach that will help you trim down your body weight & get rid of Excess Belly Fat Using A Special Nigerian Diet in as little as 28 days.

Price: N12,500 – See more details

Watch this video for more recommendations.


Upside Of Expertnaire 

  • There are many High Paying digital products.
  • You don’t need to be approved before you promote any product
  • Cost very little to get started.

Downside Of Expertnaire 

  • You can only receive payments on Fridays.


Tips From Some Top Professional Expertnaire Affiliate marketers


How You Get Free Access To Expertnaire For A Year?

As I’ve promised in the beginning of this post, I will reveal to you a way that you can get Free Access to Expertnaire for a year.

Allow me to introduce you to the



I would say, by now you have a comprehensive idea of what expernaire is and how you can register and begin promoting products right away!

Expertnaire has been an amazing cash pumping machine for me. It has allowed me to live my dream life and also help others succeed as well.

If you are interested in signing up for my 101 training where reveal to you more of the strategies I use to achieve massive success with expertnaire, CLICK HERE!

I hope my comprehensive post has helped you in taking the next step in your Affiliate marketing journey. Thanks for reading and also please don’t hesitate to leave any questions you have in the comment section below.




Is Expertnaire a Legit Affiliate Marketplace?

Yes, expertnaire is a legit platform and all products on there are high-quality. You have various to select from.


What niches are best for Expertnaire?

Expertnaire has products of different niches, like Make Money Online, health and finance.


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